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Hubbell Press Release

Hubbell Premise Wiring’s HPJ Series Jack Panels Improve Network Flexibility and Performance

 In response to increasing demand for network flexibility and the move to Category 6A cabling, Hubbell Premise Wiring has developed its new HPJ Series Jack Panels.
Now customers can mix categories, colors, density, media (copper, fiber, and AV), and services at the panel level, saving time, space, and money. As an organization’s network performance requirements increase, port count on the HPJ Series Jack Panels can scale accordingly.
The HPJ Series Jack Panels offer installation flexibility, giving installers the ability to wire either in front of the panel or install adaptors for rear termination, making it ideal for small spaces or dealing with cable congestion; installers can now terminate away from the rack.
Available in flat or angled versions, with 12 to 72 ports, the HPJ Series Jack Panels include integrated label holders with an Excel template for quick, fast labeling. The label holders won’t fall off, and are easily visible. A panel ID field allows for quick identification of the jack panel.
With easy jack insertion and reliable retention, HPJ Series Jack Panels offer impressive connection quality to ensure uptime and maintain connectivity for real-time applications.
The optional cable management bar provides cabling support and security, easily rotating into place with minimal cable movement.
“As more devices – from lighting to AV systems – connect to networks using Power over Ethernet, panels need to offer the flexibility to support many more applications than in the past,” says Nate Herring, Senior Product Manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring. “Hubbell’s new HPJ Series jack panels offer the ability to combine different connector formats, colors, and network speeds at the panel level. These panels also make installation of larger Category 6A much easier by providing installers with more room to work, decreasing installation time and improving reliability”

For more information about Hubbell Premise Wiring’s new HPJ Series Jack Panels, contact your Hubbell sales representative or visit www.hubbell-premise.com.