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Hubbell Press Release

Low Diameter Patch Cords

To help designers and installers create data center and enterprise networks that support 10GBASE-T growth, Hubbell Premise Wiring introduces its HCL Series Low Diameter Patch Cords. These cords feature significant cross-sectional-area reductions as compared to traditional Category 6A and 6 cables.

The problems associated with traditional Category 6A and 6 cables – including thickness, stiffness, airflow reduction, and larger cable organizer requirements – are minimized with HCL Series Low Diameter Patch Cords:

  • HCL Category 6A patch cords take up a 59% smaller cross-sectional area
  • HCL Category 6 patch cords offer a 36% reduced diameter

The smaller size makes port access easier, and helps adds, moves and changes occur more quickly. Cable routing is also easier, and size requirements for cable trays and organizers are reduced.

With a tighter allowable bend radius than traditional cords (63% better for Category 6A, and 40% better for Category 6), HCL Series Low Diameter Patch Cords can be routed easily into tighter spaces and be managed more easily.

With smaller cables comes better airflow as well, lowering operating costs and making sure active equipment doesn’t overheat.

“Because HCL Series Low Diameter Patch Cords use 28-gauge conductors, there are special considerations to be made when determining maximum channel length and Power over Ethernet support,” says Nate Herring, senior product manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring. “Hubbell can help network designers and installers find the most appropriate cable for their applications.”