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Hubbell Press Release

Hubbell Premise Wiring Field Terminating Plug SP6, SP6A

Shelton, Conn. – July, 20 2017 – Hubbell Premise Wiring has recently added a Field Terminating Plug to their line of Hubbell products. The SP6 and SP6A plug is designed for easy hand termination.

Hubbell’s Field Terminating SP6, SP6A Plugs feature:

  • Die Cast Housing
  • Easy Lace Wire Manager that speed up lacing and termination
  • Slim width for high density switch applications
  • Compression nut with uniform pressure to provide strain relief
  • Compliance to Cat6 or Cat6A channel requirements


“The IoT and wireless revolution is causing the number of network nodes to explode.” Says Nate Herring, Senior Product Manager for Hubbell Premise Wiring. “Many of these new applications such as PoE Lighting, security, access controls, networked AV and building management systems can benefit from the simplicity of a direct connection. Our new field term plug incorporates many installer friendly features while providing the performance and reliability customers expect form Hubbell.”

The SP6 or SP6A can be both terminated and re-terminated without the need of special tools making it ideal for a wide range of installers. The plug is versatile and can be used with both FTP and UTP cable.